Now that community transmission of the corona virus (COVID-19) has started in Perth, we regret to inform you that the Maccabi Junior Chess Club has been closed until further notice. 

Maccabi Junior Chess Club

The Maccabi Junior Chess Club meets on Thursdays from 3:30pm to 5:45pm.  


Gordon Bloomfield Hall
61 Woodrow Avenue,  Yokine, WA 6060


Open to all players age 7 to 17.

Beginners are welcome!


Casual games       Group competitions        Tournament games 

Quizzes                   Group instruction             Training exercises

Club Format:

Students are divided into two groups based on skill: Novice and Advanced.

The Novice Group lessons begin at 3:30pm and concludes at 4:30pm, with  a short 10 minute break in the middle. At 4:30pm they play a serious  tournament game which may go as late as 5:00pm. After their game  concludes, the club finishes for them.

The Advanced Group start with a serious tournament game at 4:00pm. At  4:45pm their lessons begin, finishing about 5:30pm. After this they play casual games. The club finishes for them at 5:45pm.

Advanced Group students may enter the venue prior to 4:00pm, however  they will not be permitted to disturb the Novice Group. They will be  given quizzes to be quietly completed in a place separated from the  rest of the members.

Maccabi Membership:

Maccabi members receive a discount on their membership fee. You can become a member through the following link:


  • $100 for Maccabi Members
  • $120 for non-Maccabi Members
  • $10 for a trial lesson.
  • $20 for a casual lesson.

We are happy to have new students for a trial lesson for a $10 cash  payment. Students who cannot register for the whole term can still come and participate for a payment of $20 per session. Unfortunately we cannot let any child participate in the club's meetings without payment in advance or,  in case of a trial or a casual lesson, a cash or a bank transfer payment prior to the club's meeting.

Term 1 Session Dates:

Session 1: 13th February

Session 2: 20th February

Session 3: 27th February

Session 4: 5th March

Session 5: 12th March

Session 6: 19th March

Session 7: 26th March

Session 8: 2nd April


Students who are being disruptive to the club's activities (like shouting, leaving without permission, running  around and so on) will be asked to stop coming to the club's meetings.  We will issue a few warnings to the child and the parents before taking such a step.


Visit and follow the directions.

Alternatively, pay with cash/cheque in person on any club day.


Contact Shai Levin

Email –

Phone – 0422 495 052


Current Tournament Results

The Maccabi Junior Chess Club runs an ongoing tournament each term. Follow the link below to see the standings.

Previous Tournament Results

Click on the links below for tournament results for previous terms.