Master Class

This class features some of the top junior chess players in Western Australia.

Each term the class runs an ACF rated 7 round Swiss tournament with 60 min  on the clock. 

Participants complete difficult quizzes and training drills and the tournament games are analysed to help students rapidly improve.

Special chess lessons will be given by Grand Master Temur Kuybokarov during the second half of the term.

Temur is the current Australian Chess Champion and has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he wishes to pass on to WA’s best young chess players.

You must have permission from head instructor Jay Lakner to participate in the Master Class. This is to ensure that the quality of the Master Class is very high and that the top players receive the highest quality experience.

As the tournament games are ACF rated, all participants must be  members of CAWA ( 

A registration form can be filled in at the venue prior to the start of the first round game if required.



Results and standings for each round.



Results and leaderboard for the weekly quizzes.

Games Analysis


Analysis for each game.