2019 Perth Junior Chess Grand Prix

The 2019 Perth Junior Grand Prix will be composed of six events held in the second half of the year. The events are open to any player born in 2001 or later.

July Competition

Tuesday 9th July at <Venue Unknown>

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August Competition

Sunday 18th August at <Venue Unknown>

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September Competition

Sunday 22nd September at <Venue Unknown>

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October Competition

Sunday 27th October at <Venue Unknown>

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November Competition

Sunday 17th November at <Venue Unknown>

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December Windup

Sunday 8th December at <Venue Unknown>

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General Information

The first five events will be run in 3 divisions: Under 18, Under 14 and Under 10.

Points are accumulated by competitors throughout the first 6 events and the Grand Prix prizes are presented at the conclusion of the December Windup.
The December Windup Blitz event does not count towards Grand Prix points.

A points tally is kept for each of the three divisions and is calculated as follows:
1st = 25pts, 2nd = 20pts, 3rd = 16pts, 4th = 14pts, 5th = 12pts, 6th = 10pts, 7th = 9pts, 8th = 8pts,
9th = 7pts, 10th = 6pts, 11th = 5pts, 12th = 4pts, 13th = 3pts, 14th = 2pts, Participation = 1pt.

To see how many points you’ve accumulated, visit https://laknerchess.com.au/leaderboards.

At the end of the year, we will crown an Under 18 Grand Prix Champion, an Under 14 Grand Prix Champion, and
an Under 10 Grand Prix Champion.