Our Vision

To create a pathway for young chess players in Western Australia to progress from inexperienced novices to the standard where they can compete at a national level.


Maccabi Junior Chess Club


The Maccabi Junior Chess Club is held on Thursday afternoons in Yokine.

Classes begin on Thursday 13th February.

Perth Chess Academy


The Perth Chess Academy is held on Saturdays at Perth Modern School, Subiaco.

Classes begin on Saturday 15th February.

February Junior Chess Competition


The Febrauary Junior Chess Competition will held on Sunday 23rd February at Carmel Primary School.

Novice Tournament 2


The second Novice Tournament of 2020 will be held on Sunday 8th March at Carmel Primary School. 

Summer Allegro Competition


The Summer Allegro Competition was held on Sunday 2nd February at the Maccabi Complex in Yokine. Click on the button below for full results.

Full List of Upcoming Events


A list of upcoming events, either run by or connected with Lakner Chess.

Our services

Chess Instruction


Whether working with beginners or advanced players, Lakner Chess has the knowledge and experience to improve their play and take them to a higher level.

Chess Tournaments


With over 10 years experience organising and running chess competitions, Lakner Chess is certain to provide you with a successful event.

Chess Clubs


Lakner Chess helps run and instruct many school and after-school chess clubs each term, training students with the skills to compete at both state and national level.

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